day 4

day 4 and i’m still in California almost into Arizona should be there early tomorrow. the ride so far has been pretty uneventful other than the pinched wires causing the fuel injection light to show a fault but that’s now fixed but cost me half a day tryng to figure it out.

i took some video today and i hope that it works, still downloading, going across the Mojave the road is both flat and straight filled with hundreds of trucks, looks like ants in an ant pile the line of truck goes on a far as you can see.

i did however, ride a little of the infamous route 66 which now is a much less travelled road and not in great repair.


One Response to “day 4”

  1. Lori Says:

    Sitting here with Dad,mom, Carson, Blake and Jerome checking in to see how things are going. Hope all is going well, sorry to here about the small bike trouble, but good to hear you are back on the road. We will try and Sykpe you tomorrow night

    Stay safe

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