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  1. jory and hunter Says:

    hi dad!
    the pictures are very beautiful. we love the big catus! we are doing good – we miss you. phone us when you can. it looks like you are having a great adventue. we liked the story about the rescue ride over the river.
    love, hunter, jory and mom

    • alphajory Says:

      look for more pictures tonight i think i might have time to upload some of the last few days of riding. the river was defiantly and adventure so i hope no more rain !!!!!!!!!

  2. Lori Ell Says:

    Wow, this really looks amazing!

    • alphajory Says:

      amazing is and understatement the views have been incredible and the people have been very friendly. The was only one time that it was a little uncomfortable but that was more my doing than anything else

  3. Dobber Says:

    Glad it has become an adventure!
    The spot is working well; I have been tracking you pretty often. The zoom ability is greatly reduced now that your in a less inhabited area, so it often looks like you riding down a dirt road or horse trail. The spot started off tracking about 10 min. behind. Now it runs 20 – 30 min.

    The main roads are easy to see. I was able to make out the falls when you were there. Now that i see the pictures it is clear, it was the ride that i thought you were lost.

    Be safe, glad you found a group. I am on ther road from now till the 23rd so i will only be looking at night. take it easy, can’t wait to see the video!!!

    • alphajory Says:

      An adventure it is the riding has been great for the most part lots of small roads through very rural and poor mexico. yesterday we road 100km through a road less travelled until riding a road to a major centre. 40km out lost a bearing in the rear wheel, i knew i should have replaced them before is left, but was able to ride to the city and a honda shop put a new one in and all is well.

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