Creel and the copper canyon

I have no picture of the night before or the small town that i was staying in. The afternoon the day before brought more torrential rains forcing me to stop shirt of my destination for the day. I get dark here early and with the rain and the road conditions i felt it best to stop for the night at this small town. this was of all the places that i stayed i felt that i needed to get out of dodge a quickly as possible. this is the time of year that the crops are harvested for shipment to the states, and not the kind of crops that you by at the local grocery.

i had noticed that just before the town several large trucks full of the military were setting up camp. they were fully armoured and building large barricades of sand bags with 50 cal machine guns behind them and several spike belts read to be pilled across the road.

well i guess they were preparing to deal with the crops in this region and i didn’t want to have anything to do with this.

so early in the morning i was off to creel my next destination

Top Basaseachic Falls

Top Basaseachic Falls

Basaseachic Falls on the Basaseachic River is the second-highest waterfall in Mexico, located in the Parque Nacional Basaseachic at Cañon Basaseachic in the Copper Canyon region of northwest Mexico, near Creel, Chihuahua. They are 312 meters (1,023 ft) tall, the second highest in mexico and one of the to 10 in world

View of the falls across the valley

View of the falls across the valley

from here it was off to the copper canyon and the town of Creel a short ride away. Creel seem to be the mecca for adventure riders from the US and Canada there were 10 bikes from Victoria BC and anther couple from the Kelowna so Canada was well represented.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

I stayed in the town for a night found a place to eat with another 2 riders from Texas ans Mississippi. Meals here have been exceptional and very inexpensive. For example half a chicken dinner with a drink is 50 pesos which is about $4.50 the room for a night is 150 pesos in Creel which included breakfast and dinner. But you could stay at a chain hotel for $150 per night if you were so inclined, and for that extra money you get a fireplace. Like lots of Mexico that i have so far they have a hugh infrastructure push happening and in the next couple of years the road from creel to batopilas will be paved and the magic of the town will be lost forever.

From the cliffs of the copper canyon we headed south the first 100km was off road and through the country side.


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