Ameca to PV

After being lost in Guadalajara for a couple of hours I headed out of the major city to the town of Ameca. Having arrived there just before dusk i set out trying to find accommodation that fit with in my budget. There it was a small hotel just off the main road through the town posted price was 240 pesos so well within the budget. In i go, stop at the front to see if i there was a room but before i could get off the bike out comes a girl and tells me to go around, towards the back so off i go. i get around the back and i see her waving for me to come down the row to where she was standing. I get there and she has a garage door open and a place to pack the bike. Great i think a place that i can work on the bike and not worry about it being gone in the morning. She then show me that the entrance to the room is from inside the garage. It seems that each one of the rooms has it own private garage. Off i go and pay for the room then off for something to eat. I get back to the room and work on the bike and do some of the minor repairs and maintenance and head off into the room. Turn on the tv and the phone ring. Strange, not expecting anyone to call answer the phone and a i hear this voice speaking very quickly in spanish, asked her to slow down as then i may have a chance to pick up a few works and understand what she was saying but she justs gets louder and fastest. When all else fails ” no gracious” i say and then with a questioning voice i get a ” no” this goes on for about a minute or so until she finally hangs up. As in most of the hotels i stayed in there usually is a channel with some english or movies with subtitles. Not here… all of the station were of the x-rated variety except for the sports station which was of course soccer.

it wasn’t until i was riding the next day that i go to thinking about the conversation from the night before, i wonder if that hotel was some sort of drive-in brothel and the call was for services provided. I’m sure if that was the case they must of thought what crazy person drives into a brothel and doesn’t want the services.

Anyway the ride from Ameca turned out to be another one of those fantastic rides through the sierras. Starting off ride through farm land and then heading off into the mountains

Along the side of the road there were many Cactus that had flowers or fruit that the locals picked and sold in the cities. they would peel the outside off and eat the fruit in the centre. There seemed to be two types a red variety and a yellow. I tried they while i was in Zacatecus but they were not to my liking.

From Ameca i headed west into the mountains which were mostly Volcanic as seen in the next picture

the further i headed into the mountain the more lust the vegetation became and the more twisty the roads became. great for riding a bike not so good in a car and even worse in a large truck. As you rode these roads one always had to be aware theat there may be a large truck cutting the corners trying to get around the tight bends. It’s even worse on the Sunday and Monday mornings as the drives of the trucks are still experiencing the effects of the weekend parties and may not be total sober in the mornings.


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