Creel South

From the town of Creel we headed south once again this time i teamed up with the KLR riders that i had met in Creel. with the route plan put together off we went south on the highway and left 20 km out of town down a road once again through the back hills of the sierras. no matter how many times i see the where the Native Indians live it still surprizes me. most families live in a small 1 room hut built out of mud bricks in the middle of now where. no electric power, gas or other amenities that we take for granted. the high sierras do get snow and cold in the winter and i can’t imagine how hard o life they live. passing through one small village a group of young girls were down at the river washing clothes by hand. when they saw the bike they ran for the hills.

Creel south

Creel south

Looking over the valley

Looking over the valley


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